Web Development IT Services

Need a fresh take on your website? iGLOO offers design services. Alongside IT support, we are also a professional web design company that offers industry-leading online solutions at a price few companies can competently match. Our development team will meet your custom website design needs under deadline and in accordance with your wishes, so that you can achieve the goals you’ve set for your business.

Whether you’re a small town manufacturer or a big city retailer, whether you need a subtle change to your existing website or a massive overhaul intended to turn your web presence into a well-oiled e-commerce machine, our staff of skilled experts understands the balance of new technologies and old school business know-how required to showcase your site and expand your bottom line.

We understand that a good website can make or break a company. That is why your web site needs to be placed in the hands of leading web designers, quality coders, experienced marketing personnel and talented copywriting professionals who will see the project through from the planning stage to delivery, to maintenance, to hosting.

Our job is to understand your business needs and to translate that knowledge into a website that helps you accomplish your goals. Once we understand your needs, we will develop a professional web presence capable of differentiating you from your competitors.

Web Consulting

In order to develop a successful website you must have a strategy. Developing your strategy ensures that we understand what you hope to accomplish and enables us to move deliberately to build you a great website.

Your website strategy is developed and refined by pre-development consulting. This is accomplished by asking a series of questions via phone interviews, emails and/or questionnaires. When the consulting phase is completed we will have a clear framework with which to develop a website that contains the functionality required to achieve your goals.

The consulting phase is the part of the process that requires the most effort from you – the client. The questions we ask require you to seriously think about and define the expectations you have for your website. Because of this, many clients attempt to rush through or even skip this phase – DON’T. The extra effort required to develop a sound strategy ensures that your audience will view and interact with your website in a manner that exceeds your expectations.

Why Choose Us?

Sure, there are plenty of places for you to get a website developed. But we take a much more discriminating, profit-oriented approach.

Famed business guru Tom Peters once claimed that “design” is the last competitive frontier. We understand what this means, so we take the time to create each and every website from scratch. By building your site from the ground up, we can ensure that your website is unique to your business and addresses your specific needs and wants.

While we strongly feel that great design is an integral part of your website’s success, it is just as important that it be functional. Simply put, your website must work. After all, what good is a beautiful website that doesn’t work?

Custom Web Application Development

Our programmers are well trained and ready to assist you. The following programming services can be done for your business such as E-Commerce Setup/Programming, Database Architecture, Programming for PC or the Internet and Windows Local/LAN/Internet Based Applications.

We Know How To Help You.

We are professionals, not fly-by-night amateurs who happen to know a little about the internet. We live and breathe the internet. We take pride in constantly honing our skills and keeping current with the latest trends and developments.

When you choose a web developer you should feel comfortable knowing that you are dealing with a knowledgeable professional. You would never trust anyone other than a professional to operate on you, to work on your car, prepare your taxes, handle your legal affairs or invest your money. Make sure you place the success of your website in the hands of seasoned professionals.


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